Please make sure you read our FAQ's before you post an order.

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

- How to speed up my WordPress site?

If you’re asking ‘how to speed up my WordPress site?’ you’ve come to the right place. Here at WP Speed, we make countless optimisations to your website’s theme, code and server to boost speed and create a fast, reliable site for your users.

Get in touch to find out how to speed up your WordPress site today.

- What do we need from you to start your work?

To start your order, we’ll need a username and password with administrator permissions for your WordPress website.

Depending on the nature of your project, we may also request URL's, usernames and passwords for accounts such as Cpanel, WHM, PLESK, ftp, Sucuri, Cloudflare, CDN or any other services connected to your website.

All login details and sensitive information is stored on external third party encrypted secured servers and will be automatically deleted once the optimisation process is complete. In addition, we ask our customers to change their passwords once our work is complete.

We strongly advise that all login information provided is checked to avoid delays.
This information is a standard, indispensable requirement necessary for carrying out any optimisation task. If the customer refuses to supply the required access information once the

- How long does the job take?

We work hard to deliver your project in the quickest time possible. As a general rule, delivery times will be shorter for small projects and slightly longer for larger projects. We'll take the complexity of your request and our workload into consideration before giving you an estimated delivery date. During your project, we'll always keep you in the loop via email as we work through your order.

If you have purchased our Priority (3 day) or Urgent (1 day) Service, we will give you a definite delivery date and are committed to delivering the work within the established deadlines. In these instances, if there is a delay in delivering your contracted service and we are at fault, we will offer you a refund corresponding to the priority/urgent service amount charged (if the delay is unrelated to us, you will not be eligible for a refund). Please note, WPSpeed reserves the right to establish the cause of the delay as set out in the terms and conditions.

-What optimisation tools/technology do you use?

Depending on the WP Speed optimisation package you choose, we will test, measure and configure custom cache plugins for your website. We may also add additional cache layers, such as Redis, Memcache or Nginx. As each website is different, we tailor our approach to provide a full optimisation service for your site.

- Will you perform optimisation work on our production server?

95% of the optimisation work will be done in our laboratory using a clone of your website. Once all the tests and configurations have been performed and we are sure that everything works correctly, we’ll notify you and apply the changes to your production server. We work this way to minimise any errors or inconvenience to you and your users.

- Will my website be interrupted during the optimisation process?

We work from a cloned version of your website in our lab. It’s a totally isolated environment so our testing and optimisations will never affect the service of your website.

Once we have completed all compatibility tests and optimisations, we will apply the changes to your production server. While this is often completed without any hiccups, there will always be a minimal risk involved when making changes to the server due to the complexity of the systems involved. However, if the server is affected, this tends to only last a few seconds and often goes unnoticed by any website visitors.

We’ll notify you in advance of making any changes to your website, but during server optimisations, we recommend pausing any digital advertising campaigns to avoid any annoyance or interference during this short period.

For more information on the optimisation process, drop us an email!

- Can you guarantee that everything will work just by cloning my website in your laboratory?

A website has countless variables, which makes it nearly impossible to replicate with 100% accuracy. This means that there are a small number of tests that cannot be carried out in our lab. In these cases, we test and configure them directly on your production server to completely optimise your website.

- Will you make changes to the server, database or structure of my website etc.?

If you have contracted the “Standard” package, there will be no changes to the structure of your database, backend or server. However, if you have acquired the “Premium” or “Extended” service, we may need access to optimise your database and the back end of your website.

- Can you guarantee a better score in tools like Pingdom / Google PageSpeed Insights / GTMetrix, etc.?

In the vast majority of cases, there will be an improvement in these test scores. However, a good result in these types of tests does not necessarily indicate a better user experience. Let’s not forget, we’re focusing on improving the loading times of your website to create a better experience your audience - not for the machines.

If your primary goal is to improve your website’s score in these types of tests, without considering loading times, we recommend not placing an order with us. Although we love these tools, we do not rely on them wholly as an indicator of your website’s quality.

- What happens if I change something or experience a problem outside of the post-project support?

The good news is, our optimisation work requires no maintenance from your side! The support included in each order (unless otherwise stated) will be 1 month from the completion of the work, or 3 months if you have acquired a long-term support package. During this time, we will diagnose and optimise the reported problems. However, if there are problems outside the agreed optimisation scope of work, we are not obligated to offer a solution.

What points are not covered by the warranty/support:
- Problems related to plugin updates which do not support the optimisation architecture
- Problems related to theme updates which do not support the optimisation architecture
- Problems related to WordPress updates which do not support the optimisation architecture
- Changes in code/integrations which do not support the optimisation architecture

In cases where you make unsupported changes to your website, you may have to purchase a full optimisation package again, or pay for additional support to solve any problems.

Support Warning:
Once your included support is finished, you will still be able to contact us to ask questions. For this, we will ask you to run your website with the latest versions of WordPress, themes and plugins. Our paid support starts at € 80.

In cases where your website is not fully published or is in development, you’ll have 3 working days from the date and time of our final confirmation email to report any errors related to our optimisation processes.

WPSpeed reserves the right to determine if our work has been the direct cause of possible failures or not.

- Can you optimise a WordPress website with restricted hosting, such as WP Engine, Kinsta, Flywheel, etc.?

Yes, we can work on these hosts. However, due to the restrictions of these hosting platforms (such as plugins, server access, caching technologies, etc.), our margin of improvement is limited.

Before you place your order, please get in touch to talk this over with us. We do not offer warranty refunds with this type of hosting and for customers using MaxCDN, we won't implement Cloudflare.
If you have doubts about your hosting please contact us before placing your order. WPSpeed ​​reserves the right to define “restrictive”.

- Do you work with WordPress MultiSite websites?

Although we do not usually carry out WordPress multi-site instillations, every case is different. Please get in touch to discuss your WordPress multisite and how we can help.

- My included support is expired, but I need help. What can I do?

Don’t worry, please email us to discuss your problems. We can also offer paid support.

- What conditions need to be fulfilled for the refund warranty?

We know how important speed is for you and at WPSpeed, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee if we fail to improve your website’s speed.

To qualify for a refund, the following conditions apply:
- You have received our confirmation email that the optimisation work has been completed.
- You will have 3 days (72 hours) from the confirmation email to request your guarantee/refund.
- You have not carried out any development work or alterations to the configuration of your WordPress website or server during the optimisation process (adding or modifying pages, products or images is not considered development work and is covered by the warranty).
- We have not had any impediments from you that stop us from performing any optimisation work.
- Your website and server are up to date before starting the work. This means you have the latest versions of WordPress, themes and plugins, as well as the latest versions of PHP and Database (Mysql, Maria DB, Percona).
- You do not have hosting restrictions (WP Engine, Flywheel, Kinsta, etc.)
- If you have services such as NginX, memcached, Redis, etc., they must be operational and working. We do not configure servers (unless previously hired to do so), nor do we perform troubleshooting.

All these points are non-negotiable and are included in the terms and conditions of the contract.

- I would like to call or Skype with someone. Is this possible?

We try to keep prices as low as possible for you, so we do not offer telephone support (unless you have acquired the premium maintenance service with us). However, our response times are efficient -  usually less than 1 hour during normal working hours.