Part of what makes our services so in-demand is our expertise in all areas of speed optimization, including database and code profiling. Our engineers are experts at WordPress code optimization, and can spot even the tiniest details that could be compromising your website’s speed.


We’ll analyse your code execution performance and identify the functions that consume the most time and resources when loading your website. This close inspection of code helps us further discover what’s really slowing your site down. Once discovered, we can suggest necessary WordPress code optimization tasks that have an immediate impact on your site speed.


In addition, we inspect all database queries and response times, memory consumption and your central processing unit (CPU). Where necessary, we’ll adjust and optimize your WordPress database, creating new indexes or changing the server settings with a focus on speed and user experience. All working to speed up your WordPress database.


Should we find any bottlenecks in your code or operation management, we’ll suggest solutions - from adjusting lines of code to replacing a plugin that may be generating a conflict amongst other plugins. All to make your website flow fast and smoothly.


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